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Hire a Narrator for My Book

Do you feel intimidated yet? It's rather normal to be overwhelmed at first, but if it's too much you can higher a narrator for your book. Both publishing companies share options, and I'll be fair, ACX has a better deal... Continue Reading →

Amazon Associates for Free Extra Cash

What is Amazon Associates? You may have heard of this before. In a nutshell, Amazon Associates if a free account that allows you to become an advertiser for Amazon and make a little extra from it. They actually encourage authors... Continue Reading →

Building Your Writing Team: The Writer

The hardest part of self-publishing is making your book the best it can be. To avoid this you need a team to help you make the book shine. The first person you need is, of course, the writer. Now there... Continue Reading →

The Vampire that Bit Santa (First Draft)

Here is a silly story I wrote as a child. I found it frutsrating I couldn’t get last minute Halloween things with Christmas everywhere. One day I’ll make it better, but for today. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

R.M. Donaldson

Alright, this is a VERY rough first draft, but I thought of this story today and had to share it. Next year I’ll write a better version, but I had to post this rough sketch for you all today. I hope you enjoy it.

It came to me when I went out shopping for a last minute Halloween decoration and there were NONE LEFT! Where they used to be were stuffed full of Christmas decorations. Now I love Christmas, but this was ridiculous. So this story was born of my frustration.

The Vampire Who Bit Santa 

I love Halloween, it’s the one time of year my odd blue skin and vampire fangs don’t looks weird. Until this Halloween… when Mr. Clause got in the way. I guess I better explain a bit. I am one of the many Halloween realm creatures. We live throughout the world and of course, have…

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Great Resource for Working Writer’s

A super helpful site for making is a self-published author and freelancer. Check it out!

R.M. Donaldson

Worried about finding a job? Struggling to make it on your writing job? If so, I’ve found a great resource for you! This useful website has many articles that help me write better. It’s a sign designed to help English Major’s find success in the work force. It’s An English Major’s Guide.

But it’s AMAZING for freelance writer’s too! I’ve found several articles and tips that have been helpful to my work.

So this week I thought I’d share it with you. Frankly, no matter what kind of job you want, there are articles for you on this site. So if you worried about getting a job or making it as a freelance writer, this website is for you!

websiteEnglish Major’s Guide

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Why Microsoft Word is a Self-Publisher’s Best Friend

I love using Word. It's one of the best word processing program AND the best book formatter. You'd be rather surprised to see how well it works. Here's to see a review and videos on how the formatting works out.

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