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Success Stories

Self Publishing in the new Millennium

Today we have a real treat! Christopher J. Spinney Sr. recently published his book "Damanged Tomorrow" which is about understanding and overcoming Heroin addiction. It's a book I'm excited to read, and with a story just as interesting.   Self... Continue Reading →


Publishing for Free IS Possible

I'm not making this up! You can self-publish for free and you can find success. It was a long hard battle, but I've done it! Today, my first book came out! I was able to get it written, edited, beta... Continue Reading →

Successful Self Published Author Finds Another Kind of Success

Wild, after finding success self publishing her own books, started her own publishing house. According to New York Times, it had nothing to do with her lack of success in selling her books. She has managed to sell 1.4 million print and digital copies of her work as an independent autho

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