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Where to Publish your Audiobook

You've recorded your masterpiece, but it's hard to know how to edit it yet because you don't know where to publish it. There are many options out there, but the two most common are AXC and Author's Republic. I've not... Continue Reading →


Best Book Tour Tool

I've shared several tools for helping you set up a good blog tour, but I've never had a tool as amazing as Silver Dagger Scriptorium! It's a free website that let's bloggers join a e-mail list that will send them... Continue Reading →

Video to Promote Your Book

When you're scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, are you more likely to stop to view a text post, a picture post, or a video? In my personal experience, I'm more likely to stop for a video, most of all with... Continue Reading →

City Library Provides Self-Publishing Service

When it comes to self-publishing, who you publish through makes a huge difference. But would you like to publish with a library?

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