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Author Website Wix vs. WordPress

We all know (or should know) that Author websites are key to any online marketing platform for our works, and having a blog is key too, and it is. But there are a lot of options of what kind of... Continue Reading →


Self Publishing in the new Millennium

Today we have a real treat! Christopher J. Spinney Sr. recently published his book "Damanged Tomorrow" which is about understanding and overcoming Heroin addiction. It's a book I'm excited to read, and with a story just as interesting.   Self... Continue Reading →

Get Featured!

Hello fellow authors! I'm running into a bit of a problem. I'm looking to feature Self-Publish Authors on this website. A way to get noticed and to network with other writers, but I've not had anyone reply to my requests.... Continue Reading →

Self-Publishing Empowers Women During The Subversive Women Who Self-Publish Novels Amid Jihadist War

These women self-publish novels that are censored and attacked amid a violent jihadist war.

The Man Who Reviews The World

We all love to read. Reading is a pass time and passion for many of us, most of all for writers. When you're publishing a book, reviews are extremely helpful to help get your book out there. Well, there is... Continue Reading →

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