Self-Publishing for Free

Because sharing your passion shouldn't make you broke.



Self Publishing in the new Millennium

Today we have a real treat! Christopher J. Spinney Sr. recently published his book "Damanged Tomorrow" which is about understanding and overcoming Heroin addiction. It's a book I'm excited to read, and with a story just as interesting.   Self... Continue Reading →


The Power of a New Season

All seasons have a power to them. Each of us have our season. Some people I know are energized by the hot summer, others are inspired by the new life of spring, but I know for me - and most other writers... Continue Reading →

Short and Sweet Advice for Writers: Remember. The World Runs on Stories. — Live to Write – Write to Live

Self-Publishing Empowers Women During The Subversive Women Who Self-Publish Novels Amid Jihadist War

These women self-publish novels that are censored and attacked amid a violent jihadist war.

Deciding to Self Publish with R.M. Donaldson

Why would you self-publish? It’s a question a lot of us hear. There are lots of reasons to self-publish. Some people like the status, some like being their own publisher, one just don’t want to give up the cover art, but for me it’s the independence.

E-Mail List Challange

I'm sorry this post is late guys. I got sick over the weekend, so it's late. But this week I planned a fun treat. It's a challenge to help us all! Here's how it works. Sign- Up for this blog's... Continue Reading →

There Is No A in Experiences

There is no A in experiences, but there is in life.

If You Won’t Invest in Your Art, Why Should Your Readers?

Because a reader doesn't invest $800+ into your art! I saw this question in a writer's group I am a part of. Along with the question, there was a long rant about how real authors don't ask for advise on... Continue Reading →

What It Means to be an Indie Author

What does the word Indie even mean? Google says, "not belonging to or affiliated with a major record or film company.” Or “an indie pop group, record label, or film company.” An urban dictionary says, “an obscure form of rock... Continue Reading →

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