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CreateSpace vs. Kindle Paperback (Beta)

Kindle Paperback is still only in it's beta testing; this is important to bare in mind as we got through this. This is more of a thought that a review on each of them, because so far the two are... Continue Reading →


Author Website Wix vs. WordPress

We all know (or should know) that Author websites are key to any online marketing platform for our works, and having a blog is key too, and it is. But there are a lot of options of what kind of... Continue Reading →

Gifts Ideas for the Self-Published Author

Are you having trouble shopping for the self-published author in your life? Wondering what gifts would make them most happy? Here are 12 ideas. Advertise Their Books - No seriously! It's not just for money. These authors put their hearts... Continue Reading →

Free Audiobook Publishing

Have you ever wanted to hear your book read by an amazing actor? Dreamed of seeing your book on the Audible website or in the audiobook section of your favorite bookstores? Well, it's no secret that you can! And yes!... Continue Reading →

eBook vs Hardcopy for Sales

This week I got the GREAT experience of finally getting a library card for my new area. I was so excited I went right down a bookshelf and got a book right away. Not only is it a great place... Continue Reading →

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