This month’s theme is all about author art! It’s hard to make some fun art to advertise with when you can’t draw, but there are tools you can use. This first post will show you types of tools you can use to get started.

  1. Light Box: it’s a thin pad that lights up so you can put a picture under it, a paper on top and trace the image underneath. I liked this one best because it’s cheap but powerful. A perfect lightbox for the budding author artists.
  2. Marker Sets – Most think you need professional artists markers, but I’ve found sharpies are great! But you have to know how to use them. I’ll share several free Youtube teachers who have videos that make using them a breeze and look amazing, but here are the two sets of Sharpies I recommend. Thick. Thin
  3. But sharpies don’t have skin tones or hair colors. I haven’t gotten the hair color tones yet (wish I had) but I love this skin color pack. Works great. Skin Markers. I love them. They are a bit harder to use, but we’ll talk about their use more in the how-to post. Hair colors.
  4. Good printer paper. This one you can play around with, but you need good marker paper or printer paper to hold up the markers and not get weak or bleed too badly. I like this set personally, but lots are good for the price.

You’ll also want good pencils (I like maniacal, but sharpening one are good too) but that should be it. We’ll talk about the best pictures to find to sketch and other resources to practice with in the next post. Mean time, happy shopping! We’ll start drawing next week.