Do you feel intimidated yet? It’s rather normal to be overwhelmed at first, but if it’s too much you can higher a narrator for your book. Both publishing companies share options, and I’ll be fair, ACX has a better deal for this.

ACX has a way for you to put your book up for auditions for possible narrators to take a look at your book and decide to audition to narrate it. Then you listen to their sample from your book they sent and you decide if you want them or not. Or you can search narrators and make them an offer from. Both work great! Here is the link.

Author Republic doesn’t offer this the same way, but they have a list of websites that you can higher to do the whole thing for you at this link.

Her at Self-Publishing for Free, we work hard to help authors do it themselves for free, so I won’t dwell on this long as this isn’t our specialty, but these links should be helpful to get you started if you want to outsource. has great tips too! Why it’s linked in the image above.

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