Kindle Paperback is still only in it’s beta testing; this is important to bare in mind as we got through this. This is more of a thought that a review on each of them, because so far the two are identical. The reason being that Kindle paper back is liking going to try to replace Cratespace, as the two are both Amazon companies.

So as for publishing time and set up the two are identical, other than it makes it easier to make a eBook of the paperback that is connected, because they are the same site. The main convenience so far is that it will they are the same page. I’m making an extended version of my first book, and I was planning on using Kindle Paperback, but there is one disadvantage: no extended distribution.

What does that mean? It means when you use KDP Paperback, you will not have your book up for other seller to use (like Barns & Noble or the Library system).

Yep, so they make them all but the same up until that point. I suspect KDP Paperback will at some point add that as well, in the process of phasing out CreateSpace, but for now, it will just be up for grabs on Amazon.

You can trick it into doing both. Just set up your CreateSpace publication as normal, than go into KDP Paperback, and they will ask you if it originally was a CreateSpace, you say yes, and they’ll walk you through it.

So a lot of articles share this big complicated comparison, short and sweet, KDP Paperback (Beta) is a place holder for moving CreateSpace over, so is missing a few features that likely will be added before long. Short and sweet.