We all know (or should know) that Author websites are key to any online marketing platform for our works, and having a blog is key too, and it is. But there are a lot of options of what kind of websites you can use. I have seen a lot of people debate between a free Wix account and a free WordPress account. I use both, so today I’m going to share the pros and cons of each and explain why I use both.

WordPress is an amazing blogging tool. I use it for my two main blogs: this one and Independent Books. My main author website is moving to a Wix website with in the next month or two.

Now why would I switch? What’s the big deal? First, I’d like to point out it’s not a full switch. I want WordPress to keep hosting this blog and my other blog, so why switch to Wix for my main site when I already love WordPress? It’s because my author page isn’t as blog heavy.

WordPress has a ton going for it when it comes to blogging. It’s blogs are easier to set up, has more editing freedom, and works so easily you don’t have to think about it.


Wix’s blog section is actually very messy. You have to be pretty savvy at website building to make it look as smooth as a WordPress blog.

So all my blog heavy sites are staying on wordpress, but my author website isn’t as blog heavy. The blogposts are simple, several are just updates, and most link the reader to another page anyway, so I don’t need it to be as fancy.

The advantage Wix has is the power you have to edit its pages.

In WordPress, you format a website page like a blog post, and it makes it very messy, hard to organize how you like it, and arranging photos as links is a horrible mess.


Wix has an amazing ability to format a webpage in anyway you like! A blog post and webpage are completely separate so editing for each is smoother, and there is no hair tearing when you try to arrange photo links.

And honestly that second bit is the main game changer. My author page needs better webpages. The WordPress version is messy because it’s arranged like a blog post, whereas the work in progress for the Wix version is stunning! It lets you (for free) make more animations, have videos on the webpage, and so much more for free. If you pay for an account you can even sell books right off your website!

Now, there are a lot more pros and cons to each, but I won’t go into them today. This is a basic review of the two from my perspective. What are you thoughts? Have you used both? What do you like best about each? Share in the comments or Tweet me at @RealRMDonaldson. If you decide to switch from one to the other share the links and your reasons as well and I’ll share them across my media platforms.

Happy Web Building!