So what does my character have to do with making more money from my Amazon Associates account? Everything! As we’ve talked about before, anything anyone buys on Amazon within 24 hours of their using your link gives you an advertising commission. So it doesn’t matter if it links to your book.

So how do character pages help with that? It’s all about those links! For example, I recently did a page about one of my character’s favorite TV shows. Now, sadly, Netflix doesn’t do Associate links, but if they did, I’d get a few cents for each time someone used that link to watch that show. People love that kind of think! Those pages are some of my most regularly visited!

So here’s an example. Let’s make a fake one for this guy here.


Let’s say his name is Darrel. Darrel is a boxing star in your book. So you make a profile page for him on your website. You list his name, skills, a blurb about him, fun things your readers may want to know.

But then, you tell them what kind of equipment he uses to train for his boxing. Say in your story he has a special pair of gloves he says he must use. Not only does it make your story more real to have exact set of gloves you learned about on Amazon to use, but you link it. Like this set for example: Lucky Everlast Boxing Gloves. Your reader may like boxing or want to get into it. So they want to buy the same set the character uses. Bam! You made a bit of money and one reader happy! You can even do more. Find the punching bag he uses: Everlast Bag. And it can go on and on. Then you can see if they research other boxing tools. One think I do is I link weapons my characters would use, like bows, arrows, etc. This is helpful and fun!

So give it a shot. There’s little to lose and lots of fun to be had. Plus, it makes a few extra bucks for something so fun!