Amazon Associates is more than just a way to make extra money from your books. It’s a readership study tool. When anyone uses your amazon link, it starts recording information on what they do.

Now, they do not give you names, e-mails, or any personal information. They just tell you someone used your link and what they did with that link. So don’t worry. All your information is safe! Amazon will never allow personal information to be shared! So don’t expect to use this to help you stalk your readers. (And just don’t do that. It’s creepy and weird.)

But it can help with two types of information.

  1. How many people clink the link and buy it
  2. What kind of other items they may be interested in

The first thing is the biggest. Is your blurb enough to catch their attention? If not, what will catch them? Is there another book they’re buying instead? Look into why. How is their book different than yours. If your books are good matches, contact that author and see about helping each other. Your book is selling theirs and vise versa, you may have a great partner in your writing and marketing work! It helps your narrow your marketing research into tools you know work!

The second thing is seeing other interests. And not just in other books. I had a friend who made $50 because a guy look at their book, then bought a hunting scope from Amazon. You will make money on anything they buy on Amazon within the 24 hours of their using your link. So you may find new interests they have. For example, if you wrote a book with a dog in it, and you find a lot of readers are looking into dog stuff too, you may want to tap into that. Use that dog as part of marketing for new readers and drawing in the current ones. It’s a tool to help you know what your readers like. Then you can get creative in how to use it.

There are many more tips on how to use these tools. I encourage you to use your research skills and look them up! This is a powerful tool and you should be using. There’s no downside. You just take an extra 2 minutes to use a special link. That’s it. And a whole world of information is at your finger tips.