What is Amazon Associates? You may have heard of this before. In a nutshell, Amazon Associates if a free account that allows you to become an advertiser for Amazon and make a little extra from it. They actually encourage authors to use this program to get paid a little more for advertising their own work and others.

It’s a great program. It allows you to make a little more money for just using an associates link instead of a normal one. Think about it? How many times a day to you post a link to a book, your own or someone else’s? These links can provide a few extra dollars for it.

Here’s how it works. You sign up. Then add your tax and payment information. Once you’ve done that, use their search to get links for your work. Now, you can post them on websites, on blog links, on social media links, but no longer can you put it in newsletters! I’ll teach you a trick to still make e-mails helpful, but they no longer allow that. A lot of authors used that often, but it’s a think of the past. But these links are powerful.

There are two main thinks that this work is helpful for.

  1. Making a little extra
  2. Learning about your readership

I’ll do more in-depth posts about both of those later this month, but let’s cover them briefly.

You make a few extra cents on each of your books that sell through amazon when they use this link. Always nice. They also will give you bonuses for getting people to sign up for any of their subscription services i.e. Kindle Unlimited, Prime Video, Amazon Prime, etc. So though it maybe only another ten dollars in your pocket, but it also can be a lot more. That extra cash can go into your marketing or your next book in other ways. So free money. It’s just money you can now use to help you self-publish for free.

The other helpful think is it tells you not only if someone bought what you advertised, but what they bought while in on your link. ANYTHING they buy after searching amazon from your link you will get money for. So you will learn about your readers by what they buy. Maybe they don’t buy your book, but do buy someone else’s. Why? You can learn what they like and don’t like. Did they look a hunting gear? Maybe they’re into that. You can target that interest.

Amazon Associates is a free, helpful tool Amazon is almost begging you to use. They want to pay you! So do some research, decide how to best use it and sign up today!