This section may sound tricky, but it’s very simple. Most all the tips I’ve already given you are about hardcopy formatting. eBook is actually easier, depending on the program you use.


When we talked about programs, I gave you all your options. However, when doing a eBook there are extra rules. This makes a word processor more desirable if you’re using Kindle to publish. Because Kindle has a program that takes your word sample, uses it’s header system and pops out a almost perfect Kindle version instantly. However, not all publishers have this. So remember that it vastly depends on your publisher.

For eBook formatting another free program that can help you make your eBook perfect is Calibre. This is a eBook reader and formater for free online. It can help with any other program that may not be as simple as Kindle.

You don’t have to worry about page numbers, page count, making sure chapters start on their own pages or any of that work when dealing with an eBook. The only thing you really need to do is make sure each new section is marked as such. Then it starts on it’s own screen. If your word processor version isn’t doing that for you, then try Calibre. It’s complicated, so watch the tutorials.


Most of my other articles have dealt  with tips for hardcopy and not eBook. Simply because hardcopy is harder. It’s part of why a lot of authors just do eBook and not hard copy. When comparing the two, just remember all the tips I gave are for hardcopy.

The other tip is make sure your hardcopy file is different than your eBook. It seems like a ‘duh’ thing to say, but I’ve had authors complain to me that it’s so hard to make a file do both. That’s because it can’t. Make one file for eBook and one for hardcopy. Use all those tips I gave before for hardcopy, and all the tips on this article for eBook. Easy as pie.

General Tips

Formatting is tricky, but possible. It’s even fun when you get ot know it. I’ve said it at the end of every article, but I’m serious: be willing to test. Try new things, be okay with hating it and try again. It’s important to learn through trial and error. Keep going. Don’t give up. You’ll make it. In the end, you’re sure to love your formatted beauty.