There are books written on this topic. This article will be a short overview of different wants to find fonts, learn how to use them, and make sure you have rights to use them.

How To Format Fonts (Spoiler: There Are No Rules)

First, we need to talk about font styles and sizes. The thing is, there is no set rule on how these work. It depends on several things:

  • Books Size
  • Book Style
  • Target Audience
  • How it Blends with Other Fonts

So sadly, no one can give you a set rule. Like ‘a 6×9 books should always have 12 point font.’ It just isn’t that simple. There are experts who can help guide you, but they’d have to see the format you choose to know how to help. Sometimes, it’s not til you are looking at a proof copy you realize it doesn’t work. So just be flexible, willing to learn, and okay with having to start over a few times.

How to Find Fonts and Know You Can Use Them

Most of the fonts in your word processor (any kind) are public domain and you can use them. If those aren’t suiting your fancy, you can search the internet. You can buy fonts to use from people who’d designed them. There are also free ones, but most of them have rules about how they can be used. Most of them will let you use them as long as you give credit and help people know where they can also get the font. I normally put them into the copyright page to do that, but you can also put it in a special thank you section.

General Tips

Fonts are an easy, but hard section. Without set rules, it’s hard to find the right work. With a lot of formatting, it just comes from testing, experience, and starting over. So feel free to ask expects, most will have contact pages on their sites. If you have further questions, please comment them below and we’ll get it cleared up for you or send you to the masters who can.