Your book has been written, edited, audience tested, and the manuscript is ready to go. Now what? Now the work of making a proper books starts. The next part of your team comes into play: The Formatter.

The Formatter is the person who is going to take your manuscript from it’s draft form to the beautiful interior of a published book or ebook. The formatter needs to have a few tricks up his or her sleeve:

  • Understanding of How Books Should be Formatter (most of all for different Generes)
  • Knowldge of Fonts
  • Understanding of Space
  • A formatting program (Or programs)
  • How for Format a book vs ebook

Now you can be your own formatter. I have done it with great success. It just takes time, know how, and patience . The formatter needs to be able to work with these three things in detail to help him or her make the best interior possible.

Now the jobs of a formatter are wide. There is a lot they need to know. If you plan on tackling this yourself, you’re going to want to look at my other article on formating. If you want to find yourself a formatter, that is alright as well. Here are some things to look for:

  1. They can show you other work they’ve done
  2. They understand how your publisher works
  3. They are quick and communicate well.

These are things you look for in most anyone you are adding to your team. So be careful with who you get.

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