What is the hardest part of self-publishing? A lot of people will assume it’s the marketing. Most authors can tell you what a pain marketing is. (Most of all as that is not a skill set most writers have or have interest in.) But it’s not. The truth is the hardest part is making sure you’re book is true top notch quality. 

Why is that? You’d think that would be the part most writers enjoy most. The main reason is self-publishing is a very independent task. And to make a good work of art for any kind of market you need a team effort. 

So how do you avoid this making this mistake? Make your team! This isn’t always easy. Most writers are really people who really rather be on their own. We like being alone to write. But to make a true amazing piece of work you need a team. Your team for self-publishing a book requires a few people:

  1. The Writer
  2. The Editor (or editors. I use several. For more see my series on editors)
  3. The Beta Reader
  4. The Formatter
  5. The Cover Designer
  6. The Marketer

Each of these people are key to making it. Now most self-published authors do most of these jobs, if not all of them. But there are many you just cannot do yourself. Most of all the editing. You need an outside view to make sure the work is good. The maker is often too close to the piece to know for sure. Some will think they’re work is amazing right away or thinks it’s horrible when it’s quite the opposite. So you need to have some outside help.

Over the next six weeks, I’ll post different articles that will help you know what kind of work you can do in this field yourself, how to get outside help to do the job, or how ot get an outside view to make sure it’s done well.

Do you have spastic questions on each topic? Post them below and I’ll make sure they get addressed.