Are you having trouble shopping for the self-published author in your life? Wondering what gifts would make them most happy? Here are 12 ideas.

  1. Advertise Their Books – No seriously! It’s not just for money. These authors put their hearts and souls into these books. They just want them to be read and enjoyed. The only way to have anyone finds them and enjoys them is to get them out there. So whether you pay money to advertise and just do a media blast on your social media channels, or tell all your friends about it. It’s a helpful gift that will make them happy!
  2. Books! – Books  about self-publishing, books in their genre, books they’ll enjoy. They write because they like it. So ask them about books they’d like to have. That’s a lot of easy ideas right there.
  3. A Copy of Adobe Photoshop – Why? For making book covers, even when a maker sends it to them, authors sometimes need to changes words on it. And with Photoshop they can do that.
  4. A copy of Adobe PDF – Not the free one: the fancy one. Why? There are features that are helpful for making a PDF document for printing the book that can only be used there. So if you want to get them this share a few videos about how to use it for self-publishing as well. This youtube channel has good tips on that.
  5. Edit Their Book for Free – So either pay an editor you know they trust to edit it or if you’re good at it yourself, offer to do a round or two of editing for them. I like to have an everyday person edit the book to see what my readers may notice. So this may be a helpful thing to offer.
  6. Fun Notebooks – Writers use lots of notebooks. So fun notebooks maybe a great idea.
  7. Fan Art – Do you like to draw? Make different pieces of art about their books. Not only will it make them happy, it’s extra marketing tools they can use. So it’s a fun gift. I know I LOVE getting fan art!
  8. Recording Tools – Many Authors would love to see their books become audiobooks. Something that may be good to get them are tools to help them read their own book or help them find someone who can.
  9. Fun Mugs – Authors love their warm drinks to have with their writing, no matter if they like tea, coffee, hot chocolate whatever it is. Look on Amazon or other shopping sites for writer mugs. You’ll find lots. Or find books or movies they like and get mugs around that.
  10. Aqua Notes – A link will be at the end, but these are notes that let them write down brilliant shower ideas. Seriously! These are amazing! Aqua notes
  11. Fountain Pen – It’s just a cool pen to write with. They also look nice, can be amazing gifts, and let us dream about signing autographs.
  12. Office Supplies – Get fun ideas about different kinds of office supplies. Authors for some reason, eat those up! No writer I know doesn’t like getting fun office tools.

Hopefully, this list helps give you great ideas. But always remember, all writers are different. Do you have other ideas you’d add to the list? Gifts you self-published authors would like? Comment them below. We can all help each other this holiday season!