Here is a silly story I wrote as a child. I found it frutsrating I couldn’t get last minute Halloween things with Christmas everywhere. One day I’ll make it better, but for today. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

R.M. Donaldson

Alright, this is a VERY rough first draft, but I thought of this story today and had to share it. Next year I’ll write a better version, but I had to post this rough sketch for you all today. I hope you enjoy it.

It came to me when I went out shopping for a last minute Halloween decoration and there were NONE LEFT! Where they used to be were stuffed full of Christmas decorations. Now I love Christmas, but this was ridiculous. So this story was born of my frustration.

The Vampire Who Bit Santa 

I love Halloween, it’s the one time of year my odd blue skin and vampire fangs don’t looks weird. Until this Halloween… when Mr. Clause got in the way. I guess I better explain a bit. I am one of the many Halloween realm creatures. We live throughout the world and of course, have…

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