Today we have a real treat! Christopher J. Spinney Sr. recently published his book “Damanged Tomorrow” which is about understanding and overcoming Heroin addiction. It’s a book I’m excited to read, and with a story just as interesting.


Self Publishing in the new Millennium

by: Mr. Christopher J. Spinney Sr.

The publishing industry has changed forever. Since the dawn of the industrial age, publishing almost anything was seemingly just as difficult as walking on the moon. Without tons of money, support, guidance, and the right connections, either was not impossible, but very improbable for the average “Joe.” Huge publishing companies held all the cards, and if you didn’t have an “IN” into the industry somehow, no matter how talented you were, becoming a published author was very unlikely.

This is no longer the case. since the advent of the internet a swing has been taking place with regards to the publishing industry. Thanks to internet proprietors like Amazon who will publish almost anyone, the power is now in the hands of the author. Anybody can publish now.

Amazon has many subsidiarity companies one of which being KDP or “Kindle Direct Publishing.” KDP is set up so anybody can publish just about anything, (some restrictions do apply,) for free digitally.

Thanks to tablets, smart phones, and laptops, E-Books are becoming very popular. These books never see a piece of paper, but live solely in digital format. is where anybody can set up an account for free and upload a book in certain file formats.

Royalties are accumulated and sent directly into the authors bank account once a month.

However another subsidiarity of the conglomerate which is amazon is called CreateSpace.

This is another web site similar to KDP which allows anybody to upload, edit, create a cover, and market a book for free. The only charges which are incurred to the author are printing and shipping charges so the author may sell copies locally. CreateSpace uses a system of direct printing. This is allows both author and amazon to keep low overhead expenses by only printing copies when an order is filled online at amazon dot com. It works seamlessly. A customer orders the paperback on amazon’s website which triggers CreateSpaces’s printers to print “X” amount of copies which are then shipped to the customer directly from the printer. Very efficiently and cost effectively. I’ve found very little expenses in this process.

Being an author these days is in the hand of the beholder. Anybody can do it for a very minimal expense. Now this does not mean anybody can quit there day jobs and make a living at it though. Marketing can be a nightmare cause the author is on their own here. I have found though that many successful authors still get publishing contracts through the old school Publishing houses. I guess what I am trying to say is anybody can be a self published author these days. However, being a successful self published author is a different thing entirely.


-Mr. Christopher J. Spinney

Self published author

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