Writers write from the heart. It’s a fact of how we work. Because of it, it can be hard to share our work with others. We’re scared of what they will think. But no writer can make their work perfect on their own. We need editors. 

But having someone tell you what’s wrong with your work can be painful. It’s natural. It’s okay. Writers pour their hearts and souls into their first draft and into their personal edits. Having someone else tear that apart is painful. So how do we deal with it? 

Remember these three things and you’ll be able to handle any harsh remark.

  1. Grammar Mistakes Aren’t You – One that I see a lot of writers get bugged about is when editors point out their grammar mistakes, most of all of they are small, silly things. Personally, I’ve not struggled with this one and here’s why. I know it’s not me. It’s not you either! We can forget a comma or forget we don’t need one there because we’re wrapped in the moment, it was a typo, or simply because we are not perfect. Just because you miss a comma or misspell something doesn’t mean you are a bad writer. It just means you are human and a good enough writer to be lost in the story. For me, I know my grammar and misspellings are because I’m slightly dyslexic. Nothing major, but it makes me see words wrong all the time. Most of all my own work. So when you write you turn in your first editing draft just remember. This is my dyslexic draft. With that in mind, you’ll never feel like a grammar mistake defines you as a writer. 
  2. Editors Are Not Trying to Tear You Down – It is natural to get defensive and see editors as the enemy. However, their goal is to help you be the best.  remember, most editors want to be writers too. They know how it feels to be you. They also know how it feels to  be the reader. So don’t ever let your inner demons convince you your editor  wants you to fail. They are your best coach.
  3. You Don’t Have to Use Any of It YOU are the writer. YOU get to decide  what stays and what goes. So though there are likely a lot of good tips and corrections you will get, there maybe some that you feel are wrong. If you really feel it’s wrong don’t change it. It’s your story. You decide. So if you really feel a story correction is wrong or you feel you want to break that grammar rule, and can back that reason up don’t change it. This is your work. You decide! 

Editing is critical to getting your work out there. We need those professionals and friends who can help us make our work shine. It is painful. It is hard, but with these three tips in mind, you can conquer any hurt feeling or challenge that comes your way.