This week I got the GREAT experience of finally getting a library card for my new area. I was so excited I went right down a bookshelf and got a book right away. Not only is it a great place to find free books to read, but for me it meant free books I could hold. I’ve loved eBooks since I was able to start reading off my phone, but after so long having only electronic versions, I was dying to read a book I could hold.

This got me thinking about people who sell just eBooks and don’t branch out into hard-copies. Is this really helpful or not? I don’t think there is any set answer. I think it’s different for each genre, book, and audience. So what do you think? I want to get some discussion here.

As well as getting the itch for hard-copies after so long without them, I noticed I get a lot more interest and sales from strangers I tell about my books and even in my regular marketing from my hard-copies (Both paperback and hardcover)

Let me make it clear I love both eBooks and hardcopy books.  I love that a eBook is easy to carry around because I already carry my phone around with me. I can just pick it up without the extra weight. It’s a wonderful help.

Yet a hardcopies have amazing advantages too. I feel like curling up in a nice arm chair with a book feels better than curling up with a cellphone or eReader. (Plus for me and my sleep disorder it’s good to have a book that doesn’t have the blue light that keeps me up. (Or whatever color the bad light is)). So what does that mean for making the most our of our writing?

The truth is, I don’t know. But what do you think?  What’s worked for you and what hasn’t worked. Why or why not? Do eBooks have a unique magic too? Can we use that to help sell more ebooks?  I want to hear different opinions and I want to hear your opinion. Please comment on this post and tell me your thoughts.