We have this mindset in our heads that we MUST have the book fully patted out when it’s first released. However, with eBook self-publishing you may not have to. It’s easier than you think to update it, and it doesn’t bother anyone.

So if you find that one comma that is just driving you nuts that you wish you could remove, just do it. It’s easy to update and most users won’t even notice. This is another reason why publishing just on eBook first is helpful. Remember what I talked about last time: beta books. This idea follows along those lines. The eBook can easily be your beta book. Then after six months or so, when you feel you really have it down you can publish physical copies.

I exclusively publish with Amazon for my eBooks, simply because I don’t want to deal with two or more eBooks to manage. So here is how you can quickly and easily update that small little thing for your eBooks on Kindle.

  1. Log In and find your book project.
  2. Click on the small box with … inside of it. A window box will open and select “edit details”
  3. Select the section that says ‘upload content’.
  4. Once it loads, preview it to make sure it’s all good to go.
  5. Then hit publish. It will update almost automatically. Within the next 24 hours for sure.

Now, if you published it in connect with a paperback copy already, it’s a bit different. You’ll have to make the changes through CreateSpace, but the process is pretty much the same, easy as pie.

So never be afraid to update your eBook. A good example of a good time to do this is to put a preview of book 2 at the end of book 1 in a series once you have a sample ready to share. It’s helpful and fun!