When you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, are you more likely to stop to view a text post, a picture post, or a video? In my personal experience, I’m more likely to stop for a video, most of all with Facebook’s auto play feature.

Making video can be completely free. I made a short video to post to social media on my book. It was very basic, nothing fancy, and I didn’t advertise it as fancy at all. The goal was to get more people to view it. Here are a few tips I learned trying to use video to draw in new readers.

  1. Use free online clips and music – There are two reasons I like this: free use and free sharing. It’s helpful to the people who made the video. Their work is seen and linked back to them. When you reach out to them,  you’re making marketing connections. If you get close enough to the maker of the video or music, you maybe able to work out business relationship to help each other.
  2. Keep it Under 30 Seconds – Unless you use a voice over or your own actors you will be linking video clips together with text placed through out. (I do recommend this. Most of all as most people won’t turn on audio for a video.)
  3. Free Editor – Windows Movie Maker or Apple’s iMovie does a great job for this kind of video. There maybe some features that are missing.( If you really want these features and if you want to use video a lot, then if you want to pay for a better program go for it. But this blog is about self-publishing for free. So I’m sharing free tips on to do things for free)

These are simple, basic ideas, but they are very useful. Again, I made a video with them. To see the basic work, follow this link. Remember this kind of video is basic and meant to be so. Even though it’s simple it works. I’ve gotten a few new followers, readers, and sells from this technique. Give it a try and see how it works for you. As always post your results in the comments.