How can you find your super fan? Where is your perfect reader? (See what a super fan is here) This is a powerful tool for a self-published author, so how do you find one? There are several tips and tricks for this, but in truth, you really just have to have sheer, dumb luck or some real gumption to find that perfect super fan. But how do you test your luck or use gumption? Follow these steps and if it doesn’t work the first time, try again.

  1. First, Hunt – Look at your marketing plan (if you don’t have one, make one!) and examine those questions you asked about who you want to target your book marketing to. Then you should already have a list of places to find those people.Start at those locations, (wither online or in person).
  2. Second, target one person. – If you found your marketing place in an online forum, start looking around for the loudest speakers or the leaders of the group. See if you can find the person who matches your dream fan perfectly. Then contact them and tell them about your book, see if they’d be interested in a free copy. Pay close attention to how excited they are. The more excited they are, the higher the odds are that you’ve found your fan. 2.5. Another great place to find a super fan is at events for your book, book signings, conferences, ect. If it’s in person it’s a lot easier to tell if they fit your idea super fan area, and being face to face makes them feel even more special. Key for part three. If it is in person, still offer a free copy, unless they already have one. Have a second free, rare object to share in case they already have a copy.
  3. Third, make them feel special. – Don’t just send them a free copy, send them some other fun things. Make them know they are special to you, and it will inspire them to do more with their love of the book. Once the book is out, contact this ‘super fan’ again and ask them if they’d like to help run a fan hang out for the book, maybe that will be in the form of a Facebook Page, Twitter Page, or website. Whatever it is, start treating them like they’re are your super fan already, and before long that person likely will be that fan for you. If not, start over again. There is a super fan out there for your book! You just have to find them.

Do you have other ideas on how to find a super fan? Maybe ideas on how to best use this friend and partner in your writing career? Post them in the comments below, and happy fan hunting!