What is a super fan? A super fan is a NON-WRITER who loves books, your genre, and falls in love with your book. This is the person you’d like to run your fan site. The person who is as excited as about your book or series as you are. I just happened to fall upon such a fan at my book signing. Now she runs the Facebook fan page for the book, always is asking me questions about the books, telling me what my fans are thinking, and getting great feedback on what I can change to make the book and series better.

Here are 3 ways to use these people affectively. Next week we’ll talk about how to find these people.

  1. Marketing – Give them free stuff. A free copy, a free t-shirt that advertises your book, previews of the book, then ask them to post on social media and tell their friends about it. This actually has gotten me more sales than anything. She’s shared it with her friends, they read it, love it, and they shared it to. It works great.
  2. As the Fan You Write To – I’ve heard this many times; I don’t know if you have, but it’s a common idea. They say picture your ideal fan, and write your book to them and market to them. When you find your super fan, he or she actually IS that fan you should write to. So when you have ideas, see if you can bounce it off them. What I’ve found useful is letting them ask you questions, and, being careful not to spoil anything, answer them or redirect them to see how they react. It’s helped me make my sequel even better for them!
  3. Courage to Keep Going – Sometimes, it’s hard to keep writing. It’s frustrating. The idea no one cares often stops your work. Having this super fan gives you motivation to go on. Mine is always asking when is book 2 coming out. This helps me keep going. Seeing her smile and telling me she’s reading it again because she loved it so much. It’s an inspiration.

So work to get that super fan. It’s a powerful house all independent authors should use. It’s a tool the traditional markets can’t pay for. It’s a tool only a powerful independent writer can use.