Why would you self-publish? It’s a question a lot of us hear. There are lots of reasons to self-publish. Some people like the status, some like being their own publisher, one just don’t want to give up the cover art, but for me it’s the independence.

When I first decided to publish, it was more because I thought I should try to get something out of all the writing I was doing in my free time. (I easily spent two or more hours a day writing these books). But honestly, I didn’t much feel like dealing with an agent, then a publishing house. Why should I do all this work, only to hand my baby over to the corporation and have them change it?

So I started on my self-publishing journey. My father had self-published a text book he used in one of his free classes. So I’d seen the process before and felt I could handle those challenges. And he had done it with hardly a mark on his wallet. If he could do it, so could I.

My father published his hardcover text book with the company “Lulu” so for a long time, I thought I would too. It took me a few years to polish my book t a good edited manuscript and then into a formatted book file. Having someone who had done it before helped me work out the kinks. I however had also heard a lot of good things about CreateSpace, so I tested them both. Lulu published my hardcover book and CreateSpace handles my paperback books.

Another day, I’ll talk about how I ended up publishing my eBook and audiobook copy.

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