We’ve heard it all before. You have to network to get anywhere, and it’s true. Most traction I’ve gotten in my publishing journey has been because of friends and co-workers I have. But the hard part is making those first connections. Most of all without spending money. Here are three tips on how to do that.

  1. Twitter (Or any other SMS) Fan- What do I mean by Twitter fan? Find an author you like, maybe because of what they tweet, or what they published. Most of all if you bought, read, and liked their book. Follow them and shoot them a message about how you liked it and look forward to more. Then like and share their posts. They’ll notice you as a regular and become curious. Then you have an opening to offer them help. Perhaps interviewing them on your blog, helping them expand their readership by being shared on our media outlets. This pattern makes a solid connection. First be a fan, then a co-worker. Then a friend. (This also works for Facebook and most other social media site, but I find Twitter gets better results.)
  2. BlogTour.com- This website is small and little known, but make an account. It’s free. Then put up all your blogs and books. Then search for other blogs and books. Ask to put a feature of their stories on your blog, or interview them for your blog, then ask if you can share you book on their work. Just play with the site. It helps. My book is going up one blog because of it, and I got an interview for my independent books blog from this site, and both of those came and found me. So it’s a great helpful resource. (If you can donate to their cause that would be great, but you don’t have too. I’m too poor so I have not yet.)
  3. Go to Events – There are events you have to pay for, but there are some you don’t have to as well. Go to any book signings in your area, and get to know those authors. You’re all local authors most likely. Swap cards and keep in touch. This will help both of you promote your works and get useful help and support.

These tips should help you get started. Once you have a few connections, you can expand from there. The first tip is the best and good for most all social media platforms. So start there, sign up on blogtour.com, and see where your adventures take you. You make a new writing buddy that you’ll want to keep for life.