I’m sorry this post is late guys. I got sick over the weekend, so it’s late.

But this week I planned a fun treat. It’s a challenge to help us all! Here’s how it works.

  1. Sign- Up for this blog’s e-mail. Links are all over.
  2. Post a Link in the comments to your e-mail list
  3. Share this e-mails sign up list on all your social media accounts.
  4. Check into my media account and sign up for the other e-mail accounts there
  5. Within a month see how many new subscribers you have

So here’s the challenge. To see how far your media goes and I’ll share how far mine goes. This way we can see how effective this system is. The goal is to help ALL of us . How many followers can we help each other get. Do you want to find out? Just take the challenge. I hope we all enjoy it.