Reviews are key for helping your book gain success. But sometimes finding those people to help you get reviews and make connections is hard. I’ve found a new, unique, social media site that can help you get your reviews noticed by connecting with other reviews to get your own reviews.

What it is

Product Peel is a new review website. Now I know what you might be thinking. There are hundreds of these all over the internet. What makes this one different? Let me tell you. It’s all about networking!

Product Peel’s business model is all about making getting reviews a social venture. Amazon is FULL of people who are paid to review, post fake reviews, or the reviews just haven’t answered all the questions we have. Product Peel seeks to fix that.

The advantage is that you can follow other reviewers and use the comments to connect. The purpose of the comment section is for reviewers to ask each other questions about their work, make connections, and learn about the product together. So the more you review and use the comments to ask others for reviews, the more reviews you are likely to get.

Now you’re right if you’re thinking Amazon has the same feature. People ‘answer’ your questions. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found those answers are hallow and hardly helpful. On Product Peel, you’re sure to get your questions answered more fully. The staff on the website are dedicated to helping you find the product you want. If the reviewer doesn’t answer, the staff will. And the staff isn’t paid by any company or product to help theirs sell. Product Peel’s only job is to help you have all the information you need to decide what product is right for you.

How Does It Help My Sales?

Wait! Hold up! I thought this is a blog about books and writing them, right? How does this help us? In SO many ways!

The website has a section for books! A section hardly touched! Because the website is so new, there aren’t ANY book reviews up! So as the website builds steam, who’s books are they going to see first? YOURS! You can make your own account for free and review your own book! (You will likely want to note you wrote it) Then connect to other reviewers (Called peelers on the website) to make new connections, get your books reviewed, and others will be able to review and buy your work!

I already tried this, and I’ve gotten a few book sales from it! It’s simple and easy. The more you socialize with other people on the page, the more you’re noticed, and the more new fans are going onto your website to buy your book.

Get a Featured Peel

The best part is when you get your book reviewed by a featured peeler. A featured peeler is someone the website works with to make higher quality content. Those featured peels get more attention, more views, and more clout. It’s pretty hard to find who the featured peelers are, but if you can, first you’ll want to follow them. Then see if you can get their contact information from their profile page.

If they like your book enough, and it fits the theme for an upcoming week. (The website has themes each week that the featured peelers peel about. So you’ll want to keep an eye on that too), they’ll write a featured peel about your book and post it to the site. Again, I’ve already gotten a few sales off this simple trick!

How do you sign up!

Just go to productpeel.com and click ‘log in’ at the top ribbon. You can use your e-mail and a password, or connect it to your Facebook, Twitter, or Linked in account. Then that’s it! You’re in! The next thing you’ll want to do is add me! You do that by looking up my name “R.M. Donaldson” in the search bar and my profile should come up. Then hit follow. Once I see it, I’ll follow you back. (Promise)

Then start peeling! See what the theme is on the home page and review any books you like that fit the theme, or any other product you like.

Again, the whole point of this is to help you find new followers in new ways. By being a reviewer on Product Peel, you are able to come in contact with people who might not ever see your book otherwise. It’s free, quick, and simple. Plus, if you’re a freelance writer too, you can add those peels to your portfolio, and who knows, if you post enough, you may get asked to become a featured peeler.

So give it a try! I promise you won’t regret it!

(Disclaimer: I am already a featured peeler on this site. That’s why I’m SO excited about it. So if you want me to peel about your book, shoot me a message and we’ll see if I can fit it in with any of the themes that come up. I’ve already seen book sales working regularly on Product Peel and I KNOW you will too! Also, if you could shoot me a message saying you found the site through me, it would help me a lot.)