Pre-Orders are awesome! It’s fun for people to order it before it’s out and get it the day it comes out (Or day after most of the time with CreateSpace). So it’s worth the effort, but it’s not as easy as you think. Today, I’m going to warn you so you don’t have to deal with the same mess I did to set up a simple pre-order.


  1. CreateSpace CANNOT do it! – This is annoying, because it gives you the impression it can, but it can’t. You have to go to a different website.
  2. Set up an  Amazon Advantage Account – Now this may make you worry that you will have to fret about the ordering and shipping of your book, but it WILL NOT. Amazon has it set up well to go from the pre-order on Advantage to the CreateSpace version taking over. It’s easy, simple, and no trouble. So trust it. Just go through the set up process they give you. Put down your author e-mail and name for all the contact spots.
  3. Have your Book ISBN – once you have that, you can go to the menu in Amazon Advantage and set up adding a new item. Fill that out as you would like it to appear on the page (By the way, ignore version. That can mess up the title)
  4. Add photo, now PLEASE click on the links in the directions to tell you the UNIQUE directions. The name of the photo has to be exact for the image to be attached to the right product.

Then within about 24 hours the product should be up for pre-order. Ir it doesn’t have a ‘pre-order’ button, you go into ‘edit item’ and ‘suspend’ it. Withing another 24 hours the pre-order should appear.

For an Example of What that look like, see how my book’s pre-order looks at this link: The Rising

What to do to let CreateSpace take over.

  1. About 3PM the day before you want the book to be released, select ‘approve’ In your CreateSpace folder. 
  2. Go into Amazon Advantage and cancel the book there. The page WILL NOT go down! Again, Amazon Advantage and CreateSpace are designed to do this. Your Advantage version will stop covering the orders, and CreateSpace will take over.
  3. You won’t lose any pre-orders – those orders already in will transfer to your Createsapce orders once CreateSpaces takes over.

And that’s it. Really simple, but not well known and hard to find the answers too. Plus, it’s free, simple and helpful. With this, all you need is the ISBN to get the pre-orders up. Which is very exciting! So have luck, and enjoy!