Have you ever noticed that? There is no A in experience. Why is that?

Because it isn’t a real experience that helps you grow you get an A in it the first time. I just started a new semester in school, and just finished my last semesters with mostly A’s I was thinking about what that final A means.

I didn’t get that A with straight A’s in all my quizzes, papers, and exams. On the contrary, I got that A by getting B’s and C’s that helped me learn from my mistakes to get a final A in the class.

So when it comes to self-publishing, please don’t expect everything to come out perfect the first time. If so, great, but most likely it won’t and just recall, this one book, this one experience, this one mistake, don’t mean you get an F as a writer and publisher. It just means you had one learning experience to make you better next time.

So don’t get down! Take this short post as a bit of encouragement. Now matter how bad it is right now, it’s okay to get an F, D, C or B on a few things. In the end, your careers as an author can still come out as an A.