When it comes to self-publishing, who you publish through makes a huge difference. But would you like to publish with a library? Thomas Branigan Memorial Library in Las Cruces, New Mexico has added a self-publishing and e-publishing platform to its services: FastPencil for libraries.

Most who have looked into self-publishing have heard of big company names, like Amazons’ CreateSpeace/Kindle, Lulu, Blurb, or Author Solutions. A library is a new idea.

One of their Librarians told reporters, “We chose FastPencil for Libraries because it’s easy to use and the end result can be published and sold as a printed book or distributed onto OneClickdigital and be made available to thousands of libraries around the world,”

This is a different idea from what most of us are used to. An outreach librarian told reporters that, “We’re very excited about the possibilities FastPencil for Libraries can provide for library users who want to write and publish their own book,” and they plan to hold seminars about how to use it soon.

What do you think? Would this be a helpful route to go down for your work, or is it too strange? Is it better to publish with a big company or with a library?

Sources: Lscun-News