We all love to read. Reading is a pass time and passion for many of us, most of all for writers. When you’re publishing a book, reviews are extremely helpful to help get your book out there. Well, there is a man who would love to review your book, because he’s trying to review every book ever written.

Michael A. Orthofer is a fifty-one-year-old lawyer who was born in Austria. He loves to read, and has since he was six years old. He read anything and everything he could get his hands on. He created his website the Complete Review in 1999, at the dawn of the internet.

He chased his passion by studying comparative literature at Brown, where he got his degree in three years. He then visited Japan and Vienna to learn more about the European university system. He then went to New Your City to study law.

During this time, he had read nearly five books a week, as he had been since high school. So he decided to use the internet and his ability to write in English, German and French to review the many books he had read.

He rates books with a A+ to F system. His goal is to be able to give each book one of these letter grades. His website was made at the beginning of internet being common in homes. As a result, it has a very simple lay out that has not changed since 1999.

Orthofer has published  many of his reviews in a book entitled “The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction” which you can get from Amazon.

His goal is to read a book every day. So if you’re looking for someone to help you with your work, look into seeing if he’s read your book. You never know, he may have read it already. An author for “The New Yorker” said she asked him to read her book, only to learn that he already had.

So when it comes to finding a review for your book, perhaps you’d like to look Mr Orthofer up. There is just another great way to help your readers find your work. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch a bit of his passion and feel the passion he feels for reading.

Check out his website here: The Complete Review