The truth is, all authors would loved to have their work printed by a publishing house. But it’s a struggle to get a publishing house to even give your work a serious read. Even if you beat the odds and are picked up by one of these houses, you may have little to no say on what happens to it next. Meredith Wild, however, has found the best of both worlds.

c_X3lcsC_400x400-235x235Wild, after finding success self publishing her own books, started her own publishing house. According to New York Times, it had nothing to do with her lack of success in selling her books. She has managed to sell 1.4 million print and digital copies of her work as an independent author.

Wild’s reasons are likely similar to many authors who struggle to get their work noticed. She wanted to get her books into a brick and mortar store. She said,“because nobody takes you seriously as an independent author. I felt I was being discriminated against as an indie.”

So Wild decided to change that. This is a common trend among authors. Readers still haven’t come to trust self published works yet. Many try to find their way around this trouble by making their own smaller publishing houses. If this tread will keep on and find success is yet unsure, but one thing is sure. Finding success in publishing is one grand adventure.


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