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Alright, it’s the end of art art tour! Well done to all of you who dared try it. Please use this post to share your success for failures and post any questions you have left. We’ll get back to you ASAP or make more posts to clear up the questions. Congratulation! You now have made […]

Graphic Design for Self-Published Authors

Ever thought about how Graphic Design can make you a more effective self-publisher? It can make a huge difference. You are better at making book covers that stand out. Graphic design is easy to learn and often times instinctive, but... Continue Reading →

How to Use Your Tools

Our next step on our author art journey is learning how to use the tools we now have. So we'll start with the light box. Set it up where you want to start drawing and turn it on. You'll take... Continue Reading →

Tools to Help Non-Artist Authors Make Character Art

This month's theme is all about author art! It's hard to make some fun art to advertise with when you can't draw, but there are tools you can use. This first post will show you types of tools you can... Continue Reading →

How to Build Your Audiobook

With only a month to focus on this, we have a limited amount of time to learn about this, so I've made a list of other places to go to learn more about the process. If you find more, add... Continue Reading →

Hire a Narrator for My Book

Do you feel intimidated yet? It's rather normal to be overwhelmed at first, but if it's too much you can higher a narrator for your book. Both publishing companies share options, and I'll be fair, ACX has a better deal... Continue Reading →

Where to Publish your Audiobook

You've recorded your masterpiece, but it's hard to know how to edit it yet because you don't know where to publish it. There are many options out there, but the two most common are AXC and Author's Republic. I've not... Continue Reading →

Where to Record Your Audiobook

Now we have our equipment we are ready to pick the all important location, location, location. This is as important¬† as the tools you use, because when you have high quality tools they pick up everything (but so do a... Continue Reading →

Author as Narrator Audiobook Equipment

So you want to narrate your own book: congratulations! I've found this process rewarding, fun, and it actually can help your overall writing as well monetizing your books, but that's a topic for another day. Let's get you started on... Continue Reading →

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